Dictator Zelensky Bans 70% of Ukrainian Orthodox Churches!!

Ο δικτατορίσκος Ζελένσκι κλείνει το 70% των Ορθοδόξων Εκκλησιών στην Ουκρανία


EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) I have been warning about this for a long time… After banning all opposition parties and all opposition press, after banning the Russian language (native to 30% of Ukrainians and spoken by 50%), dictator Zelensky banned all Churches connected to Russia!… We have noted many times that 70% of pre-war Ukrainian Orthodox were autonomous under the umbrella of the Moscow Patriarchate…

You can read the news below, but I can tell you that the Zelensky regime and the warmongers in the swamp who support it are now seething with anger as they are being beaten by Russia day and night.  In the first months of the war, when Russia was playing nice (and avoided doing what the west has done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and everywhere else), they said that Russia was “weak.”  Now that Russia blew the daylights out of Ukraine and the west has run out of missiles (and they are begging South Korea to produce ammunition), Russia “commits war crimes”.

Let me close this short comment by repeating that in a few months, there will be no Ukraine to ban anything.  And let me say once again that the “autocephalous” Epiphanios will be the Metropolitan of “No Ukraine”… And let’s pray once again that the globalists do not blow the whole world up starting the use of nuclear weapons…




President Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine issued a decree yesterday aimed at, in his words, ensuring Ukraine’s spiritual independence.

“We will never allow anyone to build an empire inside the Ukrainian soul,” he said.

However, as state searches of monasteries, churches, and diocesan administrations intensify (accompanied by allegations of planted “pro-Russian” evidence), with the Ukrainian Security Service opening cases against hierarchs and clergy (the Lavra hieromonk who was anointing the faithful while a group of women sang about the spiritual revival of Holy Rus’ and His Eminence Metropolitan Joasaph of Kirovograd are the latest to come under official suspicion), and as local administrations continue to declare bans on the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (there were reports of at least three more bans yesterday), many members of the Church are concerned about the state’s vision for spiritual independence.

Commenting on the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council held yesterday, the President said: “We have to create conditions where no actors dependent on the aggressor state will have an opportunity to manipulate Ukrainians and weaken Ukraine from within.”

Thus, the President ordered:

  1. The National Security and Defense Council to instruct the government to submit a bill to Parliament within two months that would ban religious organizations “affiliated with centers of influence in the Russian Federation.”

  2. The State Service for Ethnopoiltics and Freedom of Conscience to examine within two months the statues of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for any “church-canonical connection with the Moscow Patriarchate and, if necessary, to take measures provided for by law.”

  3. To verify within two months the legality of the presence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church at the Kiev Caves Lavra, which is owned by the state.

  4. All national security bodies to intensify their measures “to identify and counter the subversive activities of Russian special services in the religious environment of Ukraine.” Personal sanctions will be applied as necessary.

  5. The State Service for Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience must be reformed and placed under the direct authority of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers “to really protect the rights and legitimate interests of Ukrainians and the state.”

“With these and other decisions, we guarantee Ukraine’s spiritual independence,” Zelensky affirmed.

The head of the State Service for Ethnopolitics, Elena Bogdan, has warned several times that a ban on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is ill-advised and would certainly cause destabilization in society.

She has also confirmed that the statutes of the UOC adopted at the Council in May show no connection to the Russian Orthodox Church. She has also commented that the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” has no need of the Kiev Caves Lavra, as they have only 50 monks in all of Kiev—a statement that greatly angered “Metropolitan” Epiphany Dumenko of the OCU.

Bogdan most recently addressed these issues in an interview last week.

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  1. My 2 cents another proxy war started by America thru the use of europe as a whore .
    Same they done in the mid east for decades actually ever since ww2 .
    This time again to save the petro dollar and economy of the Usa .
    Usa has been shipping tons and tons off ammo weapons vehicles and other war related gear to Poland Thru the German based Bremer Haven cargo port .
    They been poking the bear for a looong time and it doesnt look good im amazed that Russia has had so much patience so far.
    So lets expect the worst and pray for the best dont let the bastards grind you down .
    Peace from the Netherlands .

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